Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We were up early again this morning for a day of shopping!  My friend Amanda came over this morning and we loaded up the car and headed to Branson to hit the outlet mall.  Ana Kate did great on the drive over there....she watched a movie and was actually pretty quiet.  When we got there we immediately hit the stores.  I found lots of cute fall outfits for Ana Kate and Amanda found some adorable tiny things for little Amelia.  Amanda is due in January and Ana Kate was fascinated by her baby belly.  At one point today Ana Kate told Amanda, 'Your belly is full of baby.'  She constantly wanted to touch Amanda's belly and talked about Amelia all day.  After going to 3 or 4 stores we decided to take a break for lunch.  Ana Kate was a good girl at lunch and ate at least half of her food.  We went back to the outlet mall and shopped at several more stores and found even more cute things.  : )  I even picked something up for Doug.  All in all it was a pretty productive day.  I plan on cleaning out Ana Kate's closet tomorrow so I can put all her new clothes in there and box up the summer stuff.

We did have a little temper fit in one of the stores today.  I went into a shoe store to have Ana Kate's feet measured thinking I would try to buy her a pair of shoes that actually fit her narrow feet.  But for some reason she started freaking out and wouldn't even let the lady measure her feet.  I had to hold her down...it was awful....I think she thought we were at the hospital or something.  She did not like the sales lady and did not want her to try shoes on her or even touch her for that matter.  I finally just decided to forget about the shoes and take Ana Kate outside.  While I was strapping her into her stroller she gagged and I could hear the vomit coming up.....I told her no and she swallowed whatever it was (thank goodness).  I talked to her outside and she calmed down pretty quickly, so I'm not entirely sure what happened....I just know she was not happy in that store.  It was pretty stressful and I was sweating by the time we got outside....and I never sweat.  I feel awful for putting the sales lady to all that trouble for nothing, but if we'd stayed it would have only gotten worse.  I felt bad for Amanda too, because she was trying so hard to help me and despite both of our efforts we couldn't calm her down until we left the store.  Thank goodness once Ana Kate recovered she was fine.  Ana Kate is usually so good now when we go shopping, and while she wasn't on her best behavior today, I would never have expected that 'episode'.  It was so strange....I so hope that does not happen again.  Of well, as Doug would say...that's part of life.  Earlier in the day I must have been frustrated with Ana Kate and I was trying to get her to listen to me and she said, 'Mommy it's not my fault your stressed out.'  She is so silly.....it's hard to stay aggravated when she makes me laugh all the time. 

Around 5 we headed back home.  We had a quick dinner and then watched some tv.  Ana Kate is already in bed and I'm heading that way soon.  I lugged my camera all over Branson and only took 1 picture.....so that's all I have today.