Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today was another school day and Ana Kate was really tough to wake up this morning.  I took a few pictures before school and you can tell she wasn't in the greatest mood.  Although she perked up as we got in the car.  I went to bible study after I dropped Ana Kate off.  I really enjoyed today's study and the group discussion.  As we were wrapping up I got a call from my cousin, Jennifer, letting me know that she was headed to the hospital to have her baby!  She was being induced, so I'm not sure how things are going right now, but since I haven't heard I am guessing she hasn't had baby Dayton yet.  I know she is super excited to have him here.  I can't wait to meet him!

I made a quick trip to the grocery store and then went home for lunch before picking Ana Kate up.  She had a lot of energy when I picked her up and soon became cranky.  She did not nap at school, so I made her nap when we got home.  When she woke up she was in such a great mood!  It's amazing what a little nap will do for a 3 year old.....she was sweet and patient and so I told her we would make cupcakes after dinner.  She picked lemon cupcakes with pink that's what we made.  They were actually pretty good, but the icing was very sweet.  That's the part she likes most.  : )  It's my tv night, so I'm off to watch my shows.