Monday, October 4, 2010


Today was a school day for Ana Kate, so we were up early.  It was SO chilly this morning I put Ana Kate in a sweater and a fleece jacket.  I need to drag all my fall clothes out...I was really cold today.  After I dropped Ana Kate off I went home and did a few things around the house and then went to see Amanda to get my hair cut.  I didn't take any pictures of it, but the only difference is the front and sides are a lot shorter....I'm back to more of a true bob...rather than an inverted bob.  I love it and it feels so much better.  When I picked Ana Kate up they told me she took a great nap today and I could tell.  She was so hyper tonight I could barely control her.  She was wearing me out....not sure what got into her, but definitely not her normal behavior.  We have plans tomorrow, so I'm hoping she'll be more calm and behave better.  Photos were tough to get today since my sweet girl had trouble sitting still.  : )