Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today we got up and went to the library for story time.  I was a bit worried that Ana Kate would be wild, and she did have her moments, but for the most part she did really well.  She really enjoyed the singing and dancing, but during story time she kept disrupting the lady reading by asking her questions....she just loves to talk and interact.  I told her she should sit quietly and listen, but that is really difficult for Ana Kate....she just isn't a quiet girl!  : )  The kids got to do a craft at the end...they colored a seahorse and then glued sequins to it.  Ana Kate was so proud of hers...she couldn't wait to give it to Daddy when he got home.

When we were leaving the library we ran into Mimi (my Mom) and asked her is she wanted to run to the store with us.  She did and Ana Kate was so happy to have Mimi with us.  After that we went home and had lunch. 

No nap again today....since Daddy watched Ana Kate again tonight.  I had Mom's night out with some of my MOPS friends at Abuelo's and it was so much fun!  Two girls nights in one week...that's a record!  I rarely have one in a month!  It was nice to have some me time and more importantly it's good for Ana Kate to spend some one-on-one time with her Daddy.  They had a great time last night and tonight!  We got a picture of us on Sue's was kind of dark in there, but you can sort of see us.

I was lacking with pictures of Ana Kate again today, and the ones I took weren't great.  I plan on making up for my slacking this weekend though!