Sunday, July 25, 2010


Finally a real update.....I was out late on Friday and Saturday night catching up with my old classmates and it was SO much fun!  Saturday afternoon was the family day of our reunion and the kids swam and had ice cream.  Ana Kate stayed in the pool the entire time and Doug stayed out there and watched her so I could visit with everyone.  I know Ana Kate and I had fun....but not sure Doug enjoyed it, but he made sure I was able to.  He's such a good husband!

Doug opted to stay home Saturday night and watch Ana Kate, so...I had another late night, a few drinks, and a lot of laughs.  The reunion was so much fun and I was so happy to catch up with everyone.  Everyone had so much fun that we're planning on doing it again in 5 years.

This morning I was so tired!  But I got ready so we could go out to lunch before Doug headed back home.  Ana Kate and I are going to stay here for a few more days to visit friends.  After Doug left we went to visit Taryn and Piper and on the way back to Papa's house Ana Kate fell asleep.

After Ana Kate's late nap we went out to Papa's garden and picked some cucumbers and tomatos...she loves the garden, she has her dress full of cherry tomatos in that last picture.  I'm hoping for an early bedtime tonight.