Monday, July 12, 2010


We were so busy today! We were at home all morning but had tons of stuff to do.  Ana Kate was a good girl and kept herself busy while I bathed Riley and Cricket.  I also worked on re-designing Whitney's blog...which took me longer than I expected.  Then we cleaned up and after lunch I tried to persuade Ana Kate to take a nap.  She took almost an hour to fall asleep, but she finally did. 

She only slept a little over an hour because I had to wake her up so we could take Sparky and Cricket to the vet.  Just routine shots for Sparky, but Cricket is still having issues....she is on medication again.  They think she might have allergies, but will do some more tests in another 3 weeks.  Sparky always freaks out in the car and he was whining the entire trip.  So Ana Kate was telling him, 'It's going to be OK Sparky...we'll be there in no time.'  It was cute!

Thankfully Doug met us at the veterinarian's office because I really had my hands full with both dogs and Ana Kate.  It made things SO much easier!  The office was packed and they were super busy, so we were there for about 45 minutes....which is way longer than usual.

After that we rushed back home to feed Ana Kate dinner and then head off to register for Vacation Bible School.  She was so excited when we got there that she was running wild.  I finally got her forms filled out and my cousin Jennifer took her down to her room.  I went to check on her before I left and she was having a great time singing and dancing...she didn't even notice me.  : )  I'm so glad I decided to take her, I think she will love it!

Photos were kind of last minute with all of our extra activity tonight.  I snapped a couple in the car and then outside after VBS.