Monday, July 19, 2010

200/365 - & my 300th post!

I realized as I began this post tonight that not only is it day 200 of is also my 300th post!  Wow....of course most of that is the 365 projects, but it's kind of neat to see.  The best thing about this blog and the 365 project is being able to look back and know exactly what we were doing and how we were feeling at the time.  I thought I would never forget our time in Vietnam when we adopted Ana Kate, and I won't....but you do forget the details, so it's SO nice to have them documented here.  It can be monotonous posting, but it is creating an amazing journal to look back on.

Today we played and cleaned and made a trip to the grocery store.  Doug was supposed to be traveling, but his flight was we got pizza for dinner and just relaxed tonight.  Ana Kate was a live wire after dinner (which is normally when we take pictures), so it was hard to catch her still tonight.