Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today we slept in really late because we were up really late.  It was so hard to get Ana Kate to sleep last night.  So once we finally got up we got ready and went to order a cake for Whitney's graduation.  She is graduating from cosmetology school tomorrow!  Yay Whitney...we are so proud of you!!  We shopped for a bit and then came home and had lunch.  Ana Kate watched a movie while I tried to organize my computer mess from yesterday.  Since we slept so late there was no nap for little miss today, but I could have taken one....I was SO tired!

It was so hot outside today that we only went out for pictures right before VBS.  Ana Kate even said...'Mommy, I'm SO hot!'  She was such a character tonight when we were driving to the church.  Here is just a small portion of our conversation.
Ana Kate:  'Mommy I'm so sorry.....but you can't go to Bible school because you are too old.'
Me:  'That's ok Ana Kate, I'll be back to pick you up.'
Ana Kate:   'ok...but maybe if you weren't older than me you could go, but you can't.'
It was SO funny....our conversations in the car are just the best!  I did some shopping and then picked Ana Kate up at church.  Not much else going on tonight....everyone is tired, so I'll be heading to bed soon.