Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today we slept in was wonderful!  We were pretty lazy for most of the day, we just played and watched movies and then got ready for church.  We had the toddler class again tonight and it was great!  We only had 4 kids and they all did wonderful.  Our service tonight was wonderful as really made me think and re-evaluate some of the things I do.  I realized that I sometimes try to do things and make decisions by relying on myself rather than trusting in God....even in the little things.  Something I'm going to work on going forward.  Ana Kate had a great time at church as well.  They played outside and it was SO hot that she was sweaty and stinky when we picked her glad I didn't let her wear a dress!  : )  She had to have a bath when we got home and she is now fighting sleep.  Hoping she gives in soon....she's starting to get cranky.  : (

I took pictures right before we left for church (on the go-to last minute location).  Ana Kate has become fascinated with trying to reach the doorbell and it's so hard to get her attention away from it.  She tried and tried....and finally reached it on her own.  So....I need to find a new last minute location.  : )

Trying to get up there....
Got it!