Saturday, July 10, 2010


Always telling us something important...

We had a rough night last night...Ana Kate did not sleep well and I was up around 4am with a headache as well.  Thankfully after I got back in bed Ana Kate settled down and finally got some rest.  She slept until 11:30 this morning!!  We watched a movie after she got up and then got ready and went to a new walking trail to check it out and take some pictures.  Even though it was supposed to rain all weekend we had a hot and sunny day we decided to spend some time outside.  We loved the trail and will definitely go walking there again....or bike riding (it's also a bike trail).  It was really pretty and when we were there today we saw 3 baby precious! 

We headed back home around 5 to get ready for church and Ana Kate fell asleep on the way.  I guess the rough night, large lunch, and lots of exercise wore her out!  So, since she was still sleeping and hadn't felt well last night we decided to skip our church service tonight.

When Ana Kate woke up we went to the pet store to get some things for our dogs.  She loves to go to the pet store and by the time we left she was asking for a Guinea Pig....she kept saying we need to take Linny home (Linny is the Guinea Pig from Wonder Pets).  Needles to say we did NOT take Linny home!

Whitney & Josh got here right after we got home tonight, so Ana Kate is playing with them.  She missed Whitney this week (she's been gone all week house sitting)!


Amanda said...

Bea and I took Divot out there a few weeks ago! We loved the trails! We also spotted those sweet baby dear and the momma! They crossed right in front of us on the trail! Did you see Bea's pic on FB??