Friday, July 16, 2010


Today we got going pretty early and ran some errands.  We also had to go by Whitney's school in Fayetteville to take care of some final details because.....she graduated (from cosmetology school) today!!  Yay Whit...we're SO proud of you!  She'll take her state boards next month and by then hopefully she will have figured out where she'll be working.  I know she is so happy to be done with school.  She was super busy this year...between work and school we haven't seen her much.  Of course I'm sure she'll now be working all the time, so not sure how much more we'll see her.  : )

During our errands today Ana Kate did not behave very well.  I was done after our 4th stop, so we headed home and had lunch.  I know she was sleepy, but as soon as I put her in bed for her nap it started storming and she is really scared of thunder.  So....she didn't nap and her behavior went downhill as the afternoon progressed.  By the time Doug got home she was in tears and no one could make her happy. 

We were planning on taking her to Vacation Bible School and then meeting Whitney and some of her friends for a graduation dinner.  But it was clear that she was too cranky and sleepy for VBS, and she fell asleep right when we left.  So we took her with us to dinner and she slept in her stroller the entire time.  I'm glad she finally got to rest, but now she won't go to bed.  We had fun at dinner with Whitney, Josh, Hollyann, and Baillie.

I attempted to take some pictures after dinner, but Ana Kate was still in a bad I have more pictures of Whitney & Josh tonight. 

The only thing that made her happy when she woke up was her sippy cup of milk...