Wednesday, July 21, 2010


 This morning we got up early and went to Whitney's formal graduation ceremony at her cosmetology school.  It was nice, but very long to sit through for Ana Kate.  We made it through where they called Whitney's name....but had to step outside shortly after that.  Whitney, Josh, Ana Kate, and I then went to lunch at Marketplace.  Ana Kate was ok there....but was acting very sleepy.  I hoped she would fall asleep in the car because I planned to do some shopping after I dropped Whitney & Josh off. 

She looked like she was asleep until I put her in the stroller....but then she was wide awake.  Oh my goodness....she was terrible in the stores we went in!!  I'm guessing it's because she didn't get enough sleep last night and was tired, but she really wore me out today.  I just kept pressing on...hoping she would either wear herself out or finally bend to my will.  Of course neither of those things happened....I really need to learn some new techniques for dealing with a strong-willed child.

After shopping we came home and both took a nap....I felt a headache coming on and was trying to avoid it.  She was in a much better mood after her nap, and so was I.  : )