Friday, July 30, 2010


She was telling me what she thought in this one....can you say bossy??

Today I was up and out of the house early for my photo session with Preston & Emeline.  My Mom came over to watch Ana Kate and she was so happy to see Mimi this morning!  It was already hot outside when I got to the location, but we had plenty of shade and the session went really well.  Emeline is the smallest baby that I've photographed so it was great experience and I did learn a few things for future sessions.  Preston and Emeline's Mom is a friend of mine from MOPS and her children are absolutely adorable and very well behaved.  I think Eme is one of the best babies I ever seen....she only cried once and that just lasted a few seconds.  And Preston was such a trooper out there...I know he was getting bored, but he stuck it out until the end!  I had a wonderful time and I'm so happy with the images I was able to capture.  I can't wait to show Kelda a sneak peek!

My photo session was in Bentonville and I passed through the square on the way home, so I stopped by the cupcake shop to get some treats.  Ana Kate was so excited when she saw them.  They were SO good!  We started off with six, but I didn't take a picture until later...notice the strawberry and lemon are missing their garnish on top.  lol!  I will definitely be stopping by there again.
After I got home we hung out with Mimi and attempted to clean house.  When Doug got home we made a quick trip to Sam's and then came home for dinner. 

I started editing the session pictures tonight and I'm only about halfway done....but I couldn't resist posting a couple on here.