Sunday, July 11, 2010


We had a fun and relaxing day today. We went driving around this afternoon scouting out new photo locations. I found a couple that are promising, I didn't take any test shots today, but maybe this week. While we were driving around we decided to stop for some ice cream and Ana Kate devoured hers....she loves her ice cream!

On the way home we ran by Walmart so I could buy some kids bug spray. I really hate bug sprays...anything that has chemicals in it, but Ana Kate is just eaten up with mosquito bites and I'm tired of making her cover up or stay inside. It's really weird because I was more worried about mosquito bites while we were in Vietnam, but she didn't get any bites there (and had no scars or evidence of any old bites). I guess the mosquitos here like her better?? Who knows, but I find it odd. The worst part is they swell up so big and she scratches like crazy. I've been using anti-itch cream and that's helped, I just really want to prevent more bites.

After dinner tonight we took a walk around the neighborhood and brought all 3 dogs with us. Ana Kate loved it and the dogs enjoyed it too! Sparky is getting a bit fat, so I think we need to be walking him more often. I took pictures on the porch right before our walk. Ana Kate was sweaty and her hair was a mess by then, but she was having fun.