Monday, September 27, 2010


Ana Kate had school today and it was so strange to pull out her fall was only 52 degrees this morning!  It was so drastic...we went from summer dresses to long sleeves overnight and I wasn't quite ready for it.  I did a little shopping while she was at school.  I think I've finally bought all of her fall/winter shoes.  Yay!  Speaking of her fall clothes and shoes.....she looks so tall and thin in her pictures today, I don't know what it is about jeans, but they make her look tiny.  I've never considered her a tiny girl, because she's average sized, but her little bottom and legs have always been tiny.  She is still wearing a 2T in jeans and pants.  I guess she just looks more and more grown up and I wonder where my little baby went.

Ana Kate had a great day at school.  We made a quick trip to the grocery store after I picked her up and she struck up a conversations with a girl stocking shelves while we were in there.  Ana Kate asked her what she was doing and when the girl told her she was working Ana Kate looks at her and says, 'No my Daddy is the only one that goes to work.'  I told Doug about it and he thought it was really funny.

I made vegetarian chili and cornbread for dinner and it was so went perfectly with the cooler weather.  I finally got Ana Kate in bed around 9 and I'll be heading that way soon too.


Amanda said...

I love Ana Kate's shirt! It sooo matches her! I miss that little sweetie!