Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We had a slow rainy day today.  It was storming this morning when we got up and Ana Kate doesn't like thunder.  Neither does our dog Riley....so I was happy when it finally stopped.  It was pretty cloudy the rest of the day, so we played inside and I did a small Bible study with Ana Kate.  She seemed to pay attention and like it...she told Daddy about it when we called him, so I think I'll start doing this daily with her.

When Doug got home we took her to the park to ride her new bike.  She rides very fast now, but at the park she wants to get down and run most of the time.  Her favorite activity tonight was collecting sticks and then throwing them in the water.  We passed by a group playing soccer and she got super excited....she kept saying hi to them and telling them 'good job'.  She loves soccer, so I'm thinking we'll try getting her on a team as soon as she's old enough.  Whitney played when she was 5 and it was a lot of fun to watch.