Monday, September 20, 2010


Today we were up and out the door early for school.  Ana Kate always gets super excited when we get there.  She did give me a kiss and hug before she went in today though.  She also blew me a kiss as I was leaving.  I made a quick trip to the grocery store and the dry cleaners and then spent the rest of the morning making a couple of freezer meals. 

When I picked Ana Kate up they warned me that she hadn't taken a she was just a little bit cranky on the way home.  She did great after that though.  I made dinner and she ate really well....she kept telling me, 'This is SO, SO yummy!'.  And she ate all of her broccoli which I love!  She has always loved corn, but she hasn't cared much for any green veggies.  Lately though she has been requesting I'm hoping salad will be next.  We don't eat much junk food around here, but I'm planning on really cutting back on packaged foods and sugar as well.  So, I think I'll spend part of this week cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator.

I let Ana Kate watch Snow White again before I got her ready for bed tonight.  I was in the other room when the main menu came on and she kept yelling for me to push play.  When I came back in the room I heard her talking to herself (apparently she gave up on me pushing play) and she was saying, 'Genesis 1:1' over and over.  So she remembered her Bible verse from school!  I love it!  She also remembered to pray before dinner and it was so sweet hearing her little prayer.  I hope she is always this eager to learn the Bible and follow God's word.