Friday, September 24, 2010


I didn't get much accomplished today.  Ana Kate slept great last night, but did not take a nap today.  She normally isn't too crabby without a nap, but she definitely was today.  I finally put her in the bathtub to play because that always makes her happy....and sure enough, it did.  Right before Doug got home I got Whitney and Ana Kate out on the porch to take pictures.  (Doug brought Ana Kate a Cubs shirt from Chicago...isn't it cute?)  I don't get nearly enough pictures of my girls together.....I love them!  Whitney has been home most of the week because she just switched jobs....she recently got her cosmetology license and now she'll be working at a salon!  I am very proud of her and know she'll do a great job.

When Doug got home we went out to dinner and did some shopping.  Ana Kate is still I'm about to go put her in bed.