Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ana Kate was up by 6:30 this morning, which I wasn't happy about, but she stayed in bed and watched cartoons while I showered and got it wasn't too bad.  She was so happy to see her teacher at school and ran right in....barely waving bye to me.  I am so happy that she loves it there!

After I dropped Ana Kate off I headed to Bible study at our MOPS host church.  I have met so many great women there through MOPS and my cousin attends church there.  She invited me to do a Beth Moore Bible study (A Woman's Heart) and I was so excited that it fit into my schedule.  I did a Beth Moore study years ago at my church and loved it.  I was looking for a Bible study to join, so this worked out great.  Today was our first day, but I can tell it's going to be a wonderful study.  I am excited to get deeper into it and see what God will reveal to me.

After Bible study I ran to the post office and mailed a colorful tutu to Piper (my cousins baby girl) for her birthday.  It was so cute and sparkly....and matches her birthday girl shirt, so I hope she loves it!
I then had just enough time to finish editing pictures from my Monday photo session before picking Ana Kate up.  I am getting so much quicker with editing (as well as taking better photos that need a lot less editing), so I really feel I am learning and moving forward with my photography.  I need to get the business side going, but that has been last on my list of priorities lately.  I have to do it though....soon!

When I picked Ana Kate up she has just gotten up from her nap and was a wee bit cranky.  By the time we got home she was fine and we had a great afternoon.  She played while I worked on my Bible study lesson for the day.  When Doug got home we went to Subway to pick up our dinner and then went to my Mom's to eat.  Whitney and Josh even came over to join us.  As soon as we got home I started the bedtime routine and Ana Kate was in bed before 8.  She had such a long day!