Saturday, September 4, 2010


We didn't do much today....just watched some movies and hung out on the couch.  We had our long night at church tonight and we were tired by the end.  We had lots of little ones tonight and if one of them cried, then they all we were very busy.  Ana Kate had a great time in her class.   She loves to be at church and that makes me so happy!

Whitney got her cosmetology license in the mail....way quicker than we expected, so she is officially a cosmetologist!  Now she's got to figure out where she's going to work.  I think I'll be helping her put together her resume this week.

After I tucked Ana Kate in bed tonight I realized I hadn't taken any pictures today, so I asked her to pose for me really quick before she fell asleep.  She thought that was a great idea, since it involved delaying bedtime for a few more minutes.  : )