Sunday, September 19, 2010


We didn't do much today.  We headed out to scout some new photo locations and Ana Kate crashed in the car.  So the only pictures I have of her from today were in the car.  She said 'Mommy, take a picture of me.' and then she started was cute.  Maybe now she will pose for me now rather that running from the camera.  : )  That mark on her chin looks awful!  We're not really sure how it happened.  She had it when we picked her up at church last night.  I didn't even see it until she lifted her chin, so I'm not sure her teachers even knew about it.  She told us she ran into a little girl when they were playing outside.  So, if she didn't cry, then I bet the teachers never realized she was hurt.  I will say it looks a lot worse than it's basically a bad scratch, but looks a lot worse in these pictures.

After dinner we took a walk at the park and when we got home Ana Kate and I watched Snow White before I put her to bed.  I am pretty tired, so I think I'll head to bed soon.