Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Busy day today....with no nap for Ana Kate, so she was a bit cranky this afternoon.  I braved Target today with her after she didn't take a nap and she was actually pretty good.  She actually was funny when we were in there.  She is always talking to everyone no matter where we are...and I mean EVERYONE.  And I have to say it's amazing how many adults will ignore a child and not speak to them.  Most people do speak to her, but there have been many times she is completely ignored.  So today while I was looking at something she was saying hi to a couple a few feet away from us.  I knew she was saying it repeatedly and I kept telling her to hush and keep her voice down, but I wasn't paying much attention.  Until I hear Ana Kate say loud and clear, 'Say hi to me lady....I said hi to you.'  She wasn't saying it in a rude way or anything, just a matter of fact statement.  Almost like when I tell her to say thank you.  Anyway she repeats this about 3-4 times regardless of my many attempts to hush her and the woman finally says, 'I said hi to you.'  (I don't think she really did....but I might have missed it).  Anyway, we moved to another area to shop because Ana Kate wasn't going to let it go.  This is just another example of my social girl that talks all the anyone and everyone.  But she is so funny!  : )

I want to say Happy Birthday to little Piper and Rhys today....celebrating their 1 year birthdays!!  We love you and wish we could give you lots of hugs and kisses....hope you both had a great day!!