Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We didn't get much accomplished today.  Ana Kate did go to bed early last night (before 8) and slept through the night until around 7 this morning.  She is doing much better at night, but the napping in tough lately.  We went for a play date at my friend Sue's house and Ana Kate got to play with Drew.  They were so cute chasing each other around and I had fun chatting with Sue.  I need to do play dates more often, but I already feel like we're on a school schedule now with mother's day out, so I try not to plan too much on our at-home days.

When we got home I made lunch and then put Ana Kate down for a nap....she talked and giggled for almost an hour before she fell asleep.  She only slept for about an hour, but that's fine with me...because she was in a great mood when she woke up.  I made veggie burgers for dinner and Ana Kate actually ate most of it.  She's doing well with the healthier eating.  I always say she only likes cheese, and that is what she asks for, but she will eat a big variety of foods that most toddlers won't touch.  I'm still trying to get more green things in her diet.  She is hooked on Snow White and wants to watch it every night.  So after watching it again tonight I put her to bed.  I am super tired tonight and feel a headache coming on, so I won't be up much longer.