Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We had a day at home today and it was wonderful.  We stayed in our pajamas until after lunch and I worked on a sewing project.  Ana Kate took a wonderful nap and had a great day as well.  Before bedtime tonight she went up to Whitney's room and came back downstairs with a pair of back patent high heels.  She told me they were her glass slippers and she loves them.  I made her take the shoes back upstairs until tomorrow and she was so particular about where she put them....she didn't want to forget about them tomorrow.  : )

I realized tonight when I started this post I only have 100 days left of the 365 project....yay!  I love that I have it, but I am pretty certain I will not do it next year.  I might commit myself to once a week, but not everyday.  I thought it would make me a better photographer, and in some cases it does....but mostly I am just trying to hurry and take photos before bed so that I'll have something to post.  Most days I spend less than 2 minutes on photos and that wasn't really my intention when I began this project.  But....having said all that I am SO thankful that I will have such an amazing record of this year and I hope Ana Kate will appreciate that someday as well.  Also I have looked back through my photos and I can see the growth from the beginning of the year, so that makes it feel worthwhile.