Thursday, September 23, 2010


We had another busy day today.  Ana Kate had school and I had Bible study.  We both had a great time, but by the end of the day I hadn't really gotten anything accomplished.  I was hoping to clean out the pantry or clean up my office/craft I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.  : )

Doug got home from Chicago around dinnertime, he's been gone since Tuesday and Ana Kate was super excited to see Daddy.  We went out to dinner and Ana Kate was hilarious.....she talked to our waitress and ordered for herself, and she ate all of her dinner.  We ran by Walmart on our way home and Ana Kate somehow ended up with a new DVD.  She's been asking for the great fairy rescue forever.....and since we saw it (and it was on sale) we got it.  As we were checking out she was talking to the cashier when I asked if he'd scanned her movie.  She had to ask him herself and then started arguing with him about something, so she finally says....'Your crazy' and he started laughing.  He told her that he de-magnitized her DVD already too and she said 'We'll see about that.'  She just cracks me up and the cashier thought she was pretty funny too.  Of course she had to tell him bye 20 times as we were leaving.  As we were walking to the car she said, 'Mommy that guy was sweet'.  I really am going to have to write down all the things she says because she really is something else.  I was talking to her teachers at school today when I picked her up and they said she is always amazing them with the big things she says.  She amazes me...every day, I love her SO much!

Of course when we got home all she cared about was watching her the pictures were not the best.