Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I had so much fun at the movies last night!  We only had a group of 6, but we practically had the theater to ourselves.  It was nice to go out with friends and relax!  We saw Leap Year and it was really good.  It's a very cute and sweet romantic comedy.  Someone said afterwards that is was predictable, but I really enjoyed it.  Of course, Amy Adams is one of my favorite actresses, so I pretty much like any movie she's in.  When I got home Ana Kate was awake but apparently had napped the ENTIRE time I was gone.  So I had quite a hard time getting her in bed last night.

Not much going on today.  Ana Kate seems to feel much better.  I tried to make her take a nap today, but after an hour with no success, I let her get up.  I guess she just isn't tired enough for a nap anymore?  It is harder to get things done around here when she doesn't take a nap, but she is sleeping better at night, so I'm ok with it.  I just think a toddler her age should sleep more, but she has never really been a good sleeper, so I guess it's normal for her.

They are predicting a bad ice/snow storm for tomorrow in our area.  I'm not sure if I believe the forecasts yet, but we went to the grocery store tonight just in case.  Last year we had a really bad ice storm (you can read my post about it here), and this one is supposed to be similar.  We did fine last year I'm not too worried about this storm.

Pictures were taken in less than 2 minutes not very good.  I waited too late to take them and she just wasn't interested.