Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We had a fairly quiet day today.  We stayed home and did some laundry.

Ana Kate must have caught a cold from one of the kids at church because her nose has been running nonstop since last night.  Speaking of which...I mentioned we had a rough day yesterday, but I forgot to say she had two shots at the doctor's office.  I don't really think she felt bad, but it could have made her a bit crankier than normal. 

I put her to bed last night at 9 and she fell asleep within 5 minutes...but by about 10 she started crying and I noticed how stuffy she sounded.  The continued crying and congestion resulted in her throwing up all over her bed and herself.  So we had a bath and bed changing and laundry late last night.  After her bath I rocked her and she fell asleep quickly.  This time I made sure to lay her on her side so all that drainage wouldn't make her sick again.  This isn't anything new necessarily, Ana Kate has always had a light gag reflex and if she cries for very long she will start gagging...but it hasn't happened in a long time and Doug usually will help me either by taking care of her or cleaning up.  But he was out of town for work last night and it was so much harder.  The bath seemed to settle her down though, so I was able to clean up everything while she was in the tub.  She seems to feel a lot better today, but her nose is still running and her cheeks are very chapped.

Ana Kate has been really funny lately.  First she has been calling me Candace a lot...usually when I don't answer fast enough after she calls for Mommy.  She has called Doug by his name for a while, but only uses it ocassionally.  I always thought it was funny...until she started doing it to me.  So I tell her my name is Candace, but you call me Mommy....and she usually giggles and says it again.  The interesting thing is she pronounces it better than many adults.  Second, she has a little baby dolphin stuffed animal that is her favorite and I noticed the other day she was placing it under the barstools.  Then she would say, 'Oh no...the baby dolphin is in trouble.  To the rescue!  I'll save you baby dolphin!'.  She would do this over and over and it was super cute!

I only took a couple of pictures today because baby girl is just not feeling 100% today.  I am getting this post done early because I have Mom's night out tonight with my MOPS group!  Yay!  I'm so excited....we're going to the movies to see Leap Year.  I can't even remember the last time I went to the movies....at least 2 years.  So I'm off to get ready!