Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today was one of the laziest Sunday's we've ever had. It snowed last night, and the roads were pretty bad, so we stayed home all day and did a lot of nothing! It was nice and very relaxing! I got out my Nikon and tried to get some pictures of Ana Kate, but again got very little cooperation. She is getting very good at hiding from the camera.

I thought since we didn't do much today I would share a few of Ana Kate's favorite phrases lately:

1) 'But, Mom....I need to ask you a question.' (This is almost always said after I've asked her to do something and is used as a stall tactic.)
2) 'It's a guaranteed failure!' (Still haven't figured out where she got this, but she says it a lot...)
3) 'Are you kidding me?' (This one is always used in context and really makes us laugh...occassionally she will also say 'That's crazy' shortly after.)

She talks ALL the time and is usually saying something funny. I'm sure I could think of some more, but those are the ones we currently hear the most. I don't have much more to add tonight...we were pretty boring today. Hope everyone has enjoyed their New Year's weekend!

Only clouds in the sky today...and lots of snow on the ground.

I took a few more pictures of Ana Kate outside on the front porch. I forgot to adjust my shutter for the first picture and it's the only one she really posed it's quite overexposed...but she's looking at me. : ) I'm just getting back into photography and actually trying to take decent manual hopefully the pictures will improve as this project moves forward.