Saturday, January 2, 2010


Day 2 of the 365 far, so good! I took all the pictures today with my old camera again because it is just so easy to carry in my purse and we were out and about for most of the day.

Ana Kate and I stayed in our PJs most of the morning and played while Doug went to Fayetteville to have Whitney cut his hair. Doug got home around lunch time and then after lunch we went for a walk at the park. We didn't last very long though because it was SO cold outside! We walked about 3 miles yesterday, and even though it was cold the sun was shining, so it didn't feel too bad. That was not the case today....very cloudy. Hopefully it will warm up soon!

After our walk we went to the mall and I returned some things and did some shopping. I took most of the pics from today in the car. Ana Kate has decided to hide from the camera lately and was playing games with me....but I still was able to trick her and get few when she didn't expect it! : )

After shopping at our local mall we decided to go to Fayetteville to a couple of stores there. I was thinking about going to see Whitney on our way home and about 2 seconds later she called me and asked where we were. She was just leaving school, so she met us at Sam's and then we went to McAlister's for dinner. We were so happy to see her and Ana Kate loved having her big sister around. We haven't seen her much since she moved out, so it was nice to spend some time together today.

Ana Kate & Whitney at dinner. I love my girls SO much!


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

Great job!

I posted my pic too soon in the day, I could have gotten some GREAT ones a few minutes ago. I will be learning!!!!

Candace said...

So sweet! You have two very beautiful girls! PRECIOUS!