Saturday, January 30, 2010


We woke up to even more snow!  I'm not sure of the exact totals...but it has to be 9-10" in spots.  I bundled Ana Kate up and she built a snowman with Daddy....her first snowman!  She was more interested in playing with a stick in the snow...but she had fun.  It was pretty cold, so we didn't last long outside.

I wanted to mention that a precious little one from Vietnam will be on Dateline NBC tomorrow night.  The agency we adopted through is run by a local couple (Marvin & Carol) that we go to church with.  While we were waiting for Ana Kate they learned of a child abandoned in Vietnam with some serious medical issues.  They were able to secure a medical visa for baby Quynh and later adopted her.  Her medical issues required many visits to Arkansas Children's Hospital and several surgeries.  She is doing better than anyone expected and is such a sweet and beautiful girl!  The Dateline story is about the residents at Arkansas Children's and follows some of the stories.  I'm not sure how much of Quynh's story will be shown, but she is featured in one of the 'teasers' for the program.  Quynh is shown toward the end of this clip.  It will be on Dateline NBC on Sunday (Jan. 31st) at 6pm central time.  I hope that they include Quynh's entire story because it is truly amazing!  She has come so far since we first met her...she is now walking with the help of a walker!