Monday, January 25, 2010


We had a super busy day today! We started off with Ana Kate's 2 yr. check-up this morning (yes...I realize she's almost 2 1/2 now...) Anyway, she is in good health and everything looked great. Her weight was in the 38th percentile, her height in the 40th percentile, and her head circumference was in the 85th percentile ( girl has a big head, but the doctor said that just means she got lots of brains and explains why she's so smart!). The height and weight percentages may seem small, but it's close to average...and keep in mind these are the American growth charts....I haven't checked but I would guess she is actually big on the Asian growth charts.

After the doctor's appointment we went to Fayetteville to meet Whitney for lunch at Marketplace. We had a great time and the food was really good. Ana Kate actually ate her macaroni and cheese and behaved pretty well most of the time we were there. After lunch we stopped by the state beauty supply to get some things for Whitney. Ana Kate did NOT behave in there...she was into EVERYTHING. The cashier saw what a hard time I was having so she offered her a sucker and that calmed her down. I really didn't want to 'reward' her for behaving badly, but I was really worn out by that point, so I let her have it. I know consistency is the key, so I think I will start telling her that if she can't behave that we will leave the store, and then follow through with it. I'm sure this will be a huge inconvenience for me....but after a few times hopefully she will get the point.

It was quite cold today (in the 30's) so we didn't go to the park. Photos were really quick...I tried to take them in our front room (which has the best natural light), but Ana Kate just wants to hide in the we played rather than take more pictures. I know I've posted a couple of others of her playing in the curtains, but I just love the one above because of the pure joy on her face.


Kelly said...

Ana Kate is WAY too cute!! You are doing great in your project!