Thursday, January 7, 2010


Not much going on today. I did manage to get most of my Christmas decorations down...hopefully I can get it finished tomorrow. I'm also working on cleaning out closets and boxing up all of Ana Kate's old clothes and toys. I'm probably about halfway done....I'm hoping for some time alone in her room this weekend so I can get it over with. It seems like when I take her up there with me I end up with a bigger mess than I started with!

I tried to take pictures in the morning versus the afternoon and pretty much had the same basically the real issue is that Ana Kate is 2 years old and doesn't want to be still for the camera. Imagine that!! Whitney's school was cancelled today due to the icy she came home to do some laundry and hang out. I took a few pictures of her, but I was having a really hard time because Ana Kate was throwing a fit. So limited practice with my new lens, but so far I really like it!

I had to add a picture of our dog Riley....she doesn't mind sitting still for a picture. : ) She is such a sweet dog and puts up with quite a lot from Ana Kate.