Saturday, January 16, 2010


We stayed home this morning being lazy, then after Ana Kate's nap headed out to do a little shopping before church. And....I ordered my new camera today...yay! I can't wait to get it!

I am thinking I need to start my spring cleaning early....and by spring cleaning I mean deep cleaning! I'm considering starting on it tomorrow since Doug can entertain Ana Kate while I'm busy. I probably need to get rid of a lot of stuff that we've accumulated as well. Whitney wants to have a yard sale...but I have to say that I really, really hate yard sales!! I would rather just send everything to the salvation army. I guess if Whitney wants to take charge and do it, then she can keep all the money...maybe that will work. : )

I wanted to mention a couple of other 365 blogs that I read:
  • I had a comment last week from Michelle over at Photography by Michelle Hires.  I had not yet seen her blog, but she is participating in a couple of different 365 projects.  The first, like mine, is devoted to taking one photo every day of the year.  Her photography is beautiful and you should definitely check it out.  The second 365 project is very interesting...she calls it her 'Other 365 Project' and it began by leaving a comment on the blog of one of her followers, then visiting one of their followers and so on and so on.  She is hoping by the end she will have visited 365 blogs!  It definitely caught my interest and I love seeing what made her choose each site that she lists.  My blog was from day 10 and the comment Michelle left was how I found out about her projects.  Very cool  idea...and definitely worth checking out.
  • Also check out Mer's blog, Beautiful Chicken.  She recently devoted a post to my blog...thanks!  She is doing a 365 project as well and also adopted from Vietnam.  Her little Lulu is adorable!
I thought I would end tonight with a video of Ana Kate singing for me.

Ana Kate Singing - 12.08.09


Michelle said...

Aww Candace - thanks for the mention! I've decided I went mad taking on two 365 projects. So, I'm going with a 52 on that one :) My blog, my rules - right? ;)