Thursday, January 28, 2010


 Today we met Doug and some of his co-workers for lunch.  Ana Kate actually sat still and ate her food and behaved pretty well.  I was proud of her.  After lunch we went by a few stores on the way home.  At one of the stores Ana Kate picked up some Valentine's Day sunglasses...she really wanted them and they were on sale, so I got them for her.  She put them on as we were walking out and said...'I'm ready now Mommy...I'm gonna drive.'  The sales lady thought that was pretty funny.  She's is just so silly sometimes. 

When Doug got home it was just beginning to rain.  We decided to take care of a few errands and by the time we got back there was definitely some sleet and the temperature was down around 30 degrees.

Pictures were pretty difficult today...cloudy all day and a toddler that didn't take a nap.  I can't wait for another sunny day at the park!  I chose the above photo because it was interesting and you can see part of her relection in the window....not quite the angle I was after, but its ok.  I also thought the one behind the curtains was interesting as well.