Monday, January 18, 2010


We cleaned house this morning and I then I cooked lunch.  I want to start giving Ana Kate more choices and get her to eat a bigger variety of foods.  So today she had a quarter of PB&J, half of a hot dog (her favorite thing right now), some steamed carrots & broccoli.  When she saw her plate she said...'Oh broccoli...I love broccoli.  Where's the cheese Mommy?'  The only other time I got her to successfully eat broccoli I did add cheese sauce to it and apparently she remembers that.  Her favorite food is cheese currently and I'm having a hard time getting her to eat anything else.   So....she ate one bite of hot dog, tried the carrot then spit it out, and licked the jelly off of the bread.  That was her lunch...which is pretty typical for her...good thing she still drinks lots of milk.

After nap and a snack we went to the park.  It was so nice and sunny today!  Ana Kate had a blast and didn't want to leave, but I promised we'd try to go every day when the weather is nice.  I took all the photos at the park today and Ana Kate didn't mind at all...she was too busy having fun!

I should mention that I know Ana Kate needs a haircut.  She has a lot of stringy pieces that need trimmed and it's in her face a lot (especially when I don't even attempt to put it up, like today).  I have resisted cutting it for so long because it took her so long to get hair!  I am actually ready now to have it trimmed (not cut), but would like for big sister Whitney to do it, and fitting into Whitney's schedule these days isn't easy.  So, we will have a trim soon and I'm sure I will take lots of pics to share.


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

love her hair!!!

Michelle said...

I love her hair too! I know what you mean about putting off haircuts! Hope hasn't had one yet. I love love love the top photo of her. The colors are fantastic!