Friday, January 22, 2010


It was beautiful here today, so we spent a lot of time outside...which gave me the perfect opportunity to play with my camera.  I think I took over 200 pictures today, so it was hard to really decide on a favorite.  I did learn a lot about my camera and am still figuring out some things, so hopefully I will improve each time I use it.

Ana Kate didn't nap today...but I didn't make her try either.  We slept late this morning and I figured trying to force a nap would just frustrate us both.  So we played outside and then went to the park when Doug got home.  After the park we went out to dinner and Ana Kate fell asleep on the way.  She woke up as we walked into the restaraunt and she was VERY cranky.  She eventually woke up and was happy...and she is still awake now.  We also saw Whitney tonight, and Ana Kate was SO happy...she loves her sissy so much!  I missed Whitney too, so it was really good to see her!


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

ooh love the slide one!!!