Friday, January 8, 2010


It was extremely cold here today...our high was only 8° today!! So our only outing was to take our dog Cricket to the vet for her shots. Ana Kate loved that...anytime she gets to take the dog out and hold the leash she is happy. Cricket is almost 9, but apparently that's middle aged for Chihuahuas (or so I hear). The thing is she actually seems like an old dog, while my other Chihuahua is 10 and still acts like a puppy. major problems, but she may have to get another tooth pulled. She has already had 4 removed a couple of years ago, so she doesn't have too many big teeth left. Poor baby, she is the sweetest little lap dog...all 6 pounds of her. Ana Kate had quite a time while we were there. She got to help out the veterinarian while we were there, and even got to go in the back and check things out. She loved all of the attention. Everyone at that office is so nice, I wouldn't think of taking my dogs anywhere else.

Because of the timing of our trip to the vet, Ana Kate did not nap today...which is SO out of the ordinary. So I put her to bed right after dinner around 7:30 and she actually went to sleep without too much of a fight. Yay!

I took very few pictures only posted one of them. This last picture of Cricket is an older one, I had my camera at the vet's office...but not enough hands to juggle everything. Hoping to get some outdoor shots tomorrow...and warmer temps!