Monday, February 2, 2009

Crazy week...

It's been a while since my last post....there wasn't much going on around here, that is until last week. Then things got crazy....

I got a call last Friday that my Dad was having chest pains and they were taking him to the hospital. My Dad lives about 4 hours away and luckily the hospital they were taking him to was only 3 hours from here. I started packing some things and by 3:00 Whitney, Ana Kate, and I were on our way to see Papa. I was pretty worried, but when we got there he seemed to be doing fine. While he was in the hospital we stayed at my Dad's house so we'd be within an hour of the hopital. He was scheduled for a test Saturday morning which showed some major blockages, so they then scheduled bypass surgery for Monday. Whitney went home with Doug Saturday night, so Ana Kate and I headed to the hopital around 5:oo am Monday morning to see Papa prior to his surgery. Everything went really well and we got to see him pretty soon after surgery.

On top of all this the weather started to get bad in the area on Monday night, so Ana Kate and I along with my Aunt Clella ended up staying the night in the hospital lobby. It was pretty rough...but Ana Kate did really well. The ice storm was so bad we thought we'd be stuck Tuesday night as well, but we decided to try to make it back before more bad weather hit. We made it with no problems. I had just gotten out of the shower and bathed Ana Kate when the power went out. Luckily my Dad has a gas heater, so we went to bed around 7:30 and slept through the night. It was a bit scary as trees were falling all over the place....a few actually falling on the roof. All of my Dad's brothers came to check on us the next day and brought us plenty of water. By Wednesday afternoon we decided to venture out to see if my Aunt Sharlette had power. There were power lines down, so we had to take quite a detour, but we made it there and she did have power....but no water. Luckily I brought what water I had with me and they had several jugs there already that we were able to fill. By Thursday the power was back on at my Dad's and we moved back there and headed back home on Friday. My Dad is doing very well and should be going home sometime this week. We had quite the week and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be home.

I didn't take my camera with me, but I did take some pictures of the storm with my Dad's camera. I will try to post them later this week when I go back to see him. I will always take my camera with me from now matter what. I just can't describe to you the devestation of the would just have to see it for yourself.

Anyway....I am working on taking lots of pictures this week and will post some later in the week.

We love you Papa and hope you are feeling better each day. We'll see you in a few days!