Saturday, February 7, 2009

Slow week...

Things were a lot slower paced this week than last. We're just glad to be back at home with power, water, phone, TV, and Internet. :)

We went to visit my Dad today. He's doing much better and will be going home on Monday. We were happy to see him and had a great visit...although it was a little shorter than I would have liked. All the time we spent in the car today made Ana Kate a bit cranky, so we headed home a bit earlier than I had planned.

Here is a picture I took of Ana Kate with her flower headband on....she's loves her flowers. I love the expression on her face in this one. I'm planning to practice with my new camera this hopefully I'll have lots more pictures to post soon.


Deric said...

Aww she has her bow on! How sweet! She is such a cutie! You know if you ever need a sitter, I will be here!-amanda