Saturday, December 25, 2010

359/365 | Merry Christmas!!

She took this picture herself using my new wireless remote for my camera.
We had a wonderful day today.  Ana Kate was super excited about presents, we were surrounded by loved ones, but most importantly we celebrated the birth of our savior, Jesus, and the real reason for Christmas celebration.

Mimi, Whitney, and Josh all got here before Ana Kate woke up this morning.  I heard her little feet coming down the stairs, so we were all watching for her.  When she walked into the family room dragging her pillow she stopped, looked around at everyone, and said, 'What in the world?!' She was about to ask what they were all doing here when she either, a) remembered it was Christmas or b) saw her princess castle set up by the tree in the game room.  She ran in there and was SO excited!

Next we opened up all the presents.  She got tons of toy story toys and moon dough, and hungry hippos, and all kinds of fun stuff.  Whitney brought everyone lots of presents and was so thoughtful....she is such a sweet girl.  Doug and I knew most of what we were getting.  I asked for a few things for my computer and camera, but he also surprised me with a kindle!  We even got a little snow today...just flurries, but Ana Kate really wanted snow on Christmas, so she was excited.

We all had fun playing with our gifts until lunch time.  I made a ham with a few side dishes and Whitney made deviled eggs.  It was yummy!  After Whitney had a nap and Doug and Josh played the wii, they headed home.

We were pretty lazy the rest of today.  My house cleaning starts tomorrow!!  We have moon dough everywhere and I'm not sure I'll ever find all the 'food' that goes with the hungry hippos game.  ;)