Friday, December 17, 2010


This morning I watched my cousin Jennifer's daughter, Sydney.  She is a about 5 months younger than Ana Kate and they always have fun playing together.  They both love Toy Story, so they watched at least two of the movies and played with Ana Kate's woody and bullseye toy for a while.  Just before Sydney went home they decided to play dress up and they were SO cute.  I took several pictures but couldn't get Ana Kate to look at me in any of them.

This afternoon while I was in the bathroom helping Sydney, Ana Kate came running in pushing the door open very hard.  It hit Sydney in the head and then bounced back into Ana Kate's face.  Sydney didn't even cry and said she was ok, but Ana Kate got scared and was crying.  I was trying to tell her it was ok and just an accident when blood started dripping out of her nose!  It bled for a while, but just out of one side and I think her nose was just dried out and it made a cut.....I don't think it was a typical nose bleed.  I don't know, but it always scares me because Whitney never had any nose bleeds.  She has had this happen one other time that I remember and it scared me then as well.  She seemed fine after 10 minutes or so and went back to playing.  She kept trying to pick the dried blood out tonight and would make it bleed again (although not as bad), so I really do think it's just a cut inside her nose.

After Sydney left Ana Kate was playing with her princess wand like it was a fishing pole.  I remembered that we had a little fishing pole with a little rubber fish on it, so I got it for her and she LOVED it!  That kept her entertained all afternoon....until it stopped working.  I couldn't fix it and neither could Doug, so we bought her a new one at the store tonight.  I am amazed at how long she plays with it, but it's super cute to watch her and hear her story of where she's fishing and what she's doing.  She has such a vivid imagination!