Monday, December 6, 2010


We had a great day today.  Ana Kate had school and I did a bit of shopping after I dropped her off.  It was only 17 degrees this morning when I got up!!  It was up to 20 something when I dropped Ana Kate off, but still way too cold for me.  I needed to get Ana Kate a winter coat for playing in....all she has that fits her right now is her dress coat and it doesn't have a hood.  In fact, when I walked her in to school this morning she had on her hat and coat and she said...ooh, Mommy I need a neck is cold!  So I found her a coat, not exactly what I wanted, but it will work.  I also finally used one of Ana Kate's gift cards from her birthday.  I found an adorable little bathrobe and a sweater and Ana Kate loves them both!  Thanks again for the gift card Uncle Matt & Aunt Kathy!  I showed Ana Kate the robe and she had to put it on and wore it all night.  She kept telling me she had to do karate in it.  : )

When I got home I worked on editing more pictures from Amanda's maternity session.  I took LOTS of photos, so it's going to take me a while to get them done.  Whitney stopped by the house and I talked with her for a while and then went to pick up Ana Kate.  She had a wonderful day at school and was so sweet all day....we had a nice afternoon.  I got another headache this afternoon, so we just layed on the couch and Ana Kate watched movies.  Doug got us dinner from sonic and now at 11pm I am finally starting to feel better!  Must have been all that greasy food.

Ana Kate was not into pictures tonight and I really tried....but this is all I got.