Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today was busy, busy, busy.  I dropped Ana Kate off at school and then went to do some yarn shopping.  I am really getting into knitting and almost have my first two projects done.  The problem is I'm already starting a 3rd project, so it take longer to complete everything. 

I met my friend Amanda for lunch and we had a great time catching up.  I am doing a maternity photo session for her on Sunday....I think it will be so much fun!  It was so funny when I was leaving the restaurant at lunch I noticed this older couple (not old...but older than me) walking in front of me towards my car.  I thought maybe they were parked directly behind me, so I kept going and unlocked my car as I got closer.  Then they both opened up the doors of my car and were about to get in.  I knew it was my car because it was a very small parking lot and I could see Ana Kate's car seat clearly through the windshield.  I kind of cleared my throat and said...ummm that's my car.  They were SO embarrassed.  I think the woman realized what she'd done as soon as she opened the door, but I think her husband was going to get in without realizing it!  The funniest part is they were driving an extended cab truck and I drive a suburban....granted it was the same color....but didn't look anything alike.  It was funny though.

Tonight I have been super busy.  I was determined to get all the photos edited from my last session and I'm happy to say I am now done!  I locked myself in my office all night and Ana Kate and Doug played video games.  I am so tired and ready for bed.  I really need to relax this weekend and get some sleep, but I already have things planned for both days.  Maybe next week.....

Since I was working on editing all night my photos of Ana Kate today are kind of blah.  I played around with the editing and like the rose tint in them.  I'll have to try that on some other photos sometime.