Thursday, December 23, 2010


We stayed home this morning and then decided to finish up our shopping when Doug got home from work.  He worked a half day today, so we decided to go eat lunch when he got home.  Our waitress really liked Ana Kate and was telling her how cute she was.  Our waitress also happened to be asian and Ana Kate asked her if she spoke was cute!  She met a couple of Vietnamese women a week or two ago and they were trying to speak to her in I guess she remembered that.  She is SO talkative.....she talks to everyone all the time (if it's her idea of course).  I don't know of any other 3 year old that orders for themselves at a restaurant, but Ana Kate does.  She really doesn't like it when I try to order for her.

After lunch Doug had to do a few things for work, so I dropped him off at home with Ana Kate and did some of my shopping.  I picked them up and we went to was packed!  But, we got our shopping done and back home before it was too late.  Ana Kate posed in front of the Christmas tree tonight and was making some of her funny faces.