Friday, December 3, 2010


Today we were up early again for my MOPS meeting.  This was our only meeting for December, so we did our Christmas party and it was so much fun!  Ana Kate did great in class as she always does....she loves that Mimi volunteers in her classroom.

After MOPS I came home and worked on getting my marketing stuff together for my photography business.  I had a couple people ask about pictures at the meeting, so I think I'll have at least one more session next week.  I am still setting up my business, so I'm really still in the portfolio building process and it's wearing me out!  I have had a difficult time setting prices, and I read a great article about that today.  It has helped me figure out to charge prices based on how much I value my time away from my family and how busy I really want to be.  I don't want the business to take over my life and I still want to spend most of my time with Ana Kate.  Ideally the only time I would work on photography would be when she's at school and maybe a bit on the weekends.  I also don't want to think of it as work, which I know will happen if I get too busy.  So, I scrapped my previous price list that I came up with and I'm starting all over again.  I really planned to be in business by now, but I decided to put it off until the first of the year.

We really didn't do much else tonight.  I need to clean tomorrow and finish up the game room organization....and Christmas decorations.  Not sure I'll get it all done, but I'm going to try.  : )