Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Not much going on around here today.   I have been sleeping horrible lately and when Ana Kate woke me up this morning I was SO tired.  I really need to go to bed earlier so I can at least try to get more than 4-5 hours of sleep each night.  But Ana Kate was up....so I got up and drank some coffee.  I never did feel great today, so we didn't go anywhere and we really weren't very active.

Ana Kate watched her new DVDs today and colored in her new coloring book.  She also played with the birthday cards that Whitney and Josh got her.  You know most people just read a card and then usually don't think about it again....and most kids don't really care about the cards either.  But Ana Kate appreciates her cards more than anyone I've ever seen.  Of course both of the cards Josh & Whitney got her play music when you open them, but she also cherished her cards that didn't play music.  She has spent lots of time carrying around all her birthday cards the past few days telling me how much she loves her 'letters'.  : )  Such a sweet girl.

I also found out today that there is an opening for Ana Kate at Mother's Day Out for Thursdays.  She was super excited when I told her.  I hope she has another wonderful day on Thursday.  She'll only be going two days a week, but they are a 'peanut free' campus, so I'm already wondering what I'll pack her for lunch each day.  PB&J is something that Ana Kate will actually eat.  She's not big on any other sandwiches except for grilled cheese.  I guess I'll just send lots of fruit and maybe some cheese sticks and crackers.  I'm starting to remember how hard it is to be creative with a packed lunch.  I used to run out of ideas with Whitney too.

She was dancing and singing to Josh's card in these photos: