Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today I edited pictures all morning.  Then later this afternoon we stopped by my cousins house to give her the digital images and then did some grocery shopping.  I thought we could go all day without a nap, but Ana Kate crashed on the way home from the store at 5pm. 

So then at 6pm she woke up crying and wanted to be held for 30-45 minutes.  During that time our renter also stopped by and told me that her air conditioner is leaking.  I was not a happy camper this evening!  I got it all sorted out and Ana Kate finally settled down.  Mimi came over and played with her...which drastically improved her mood.  Now I feel a headache coming on....probably from lack of sleep, or was SO hot today!  I'm tired of 100+ degree days.  I would love it to get back to the 80s...that would be perfect!

Cleaning didn't happen again today, I didn't even do the dishes in the sink.  I will get to it tomorrow.  Kind of a blah day, hoping we have a happier and more energetic day tomorrow.  I don't think I mentioned it before, but Doug has been in El Salvador this week on a mission trip with the church.  So, the little things are adding up around here and I am so ready for a 'me time' break when he gets home.  I really don't mind the time with just me and the girls, I was a single Mom for many years, but I do need a break every now and then....especially when dealing with my strong-willed almost 3 year-old.  All in all it's been a good week, but we're ready to have Daddy back home.