Thursday, August 19, 2010


Another day spent at home...except for a quick trip to the grocery store.  We slept in again this morning because Ana Kate was up past midnight.  We have an early day tomorrow, so hopefully that will help with the sleeping schedule.

After I got Ana Kate ready today I decided to go ahead and take pictures early.  It was much more fun for both of us to do it this way, because it wasn't last minute and I wasn't in a hurry.  She actually posed for me a couple of times and tried to make really serious faces.  She also did some poses for Whitney this morning after she got dressed, showing off her outfit.  She is such a mess! : )

When we were at the grocery store this afternoon she very good.  I think I've told her before if she can't behave in the store the manager will make us leave (or something like that).  So while we were shopping today someone said something over the speaker and Ana Kate instantly perked up.  She looked at me and then said, "Teacher....I'm behaving....I am being a good girl."  It was SO funny!  Then at dinner tonight I was sitting with her and she gave me a thumbs up and said, "Mommy, I will always be there for you."  It was super sweet and melted my heart!  Such a sweet baby girl!

She can make some really funny faces...