Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Another day at home, not too exciting.  Whitney got her results back from her state practical exam and she passed with a 95%!  Way to go Whitney....we are proud of you!!  Now she just has to take the written exam and she'll have her cosmetology license.

Ana Kate and I had a pretty good day, but I attempted to not give her a nap so we could have an earlier bedtime tonight.  It didn't work out too well.  She fell asleep at 5:30, then I woke her up about an hour later hoping that she would still go to bed early, but then decided to go ahead and take pictures..  She wasn't too happy about it (as you can tell in the picture).  She told me her belly hurt and then fell back asleep from 7 to 9.  Now she is up with me watching tv after finally eating her dinner.  So my attempt at an earlier bedtime completely failed.  I'm thinking of just waking her up really early tomorrow or Friday and then doing an early nap....hopefully that will get us back on track.