Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today we got our air conditioner fixed...yay!  And it was only a small part that was needed.  However, both units are still 20+ years old, so we will probably replace them this fall anyway.  But it's nice to have both units working now.

After that we went shopping with Whitney.  At the last store we went to Ana Kate was awful!  I took her outside and talked to her and she calmed down, so we went back in.  Whitney told me when we were outside that the clerks at the store were talking about how awful her behavior was and that they'd do this or that if it were there kid.  I have to say that really ticked me off!!  First of all she's not their kid and second, she is a very strong-willed 2 year old that was overdue for her nap.  I wonder if they even have kids?  I'm not sure if they were implying that she was a bad child or that I was a bad mother....but it's really none of their business.  She was bad...I acknowledged it and removed her from the store until she calmed down.  It's such a tough situation....I mean its embarrassing enough when your child is acting out, but to hear others adding their snotty observations makes it even worse.  Why do women do this to one another??  I mean if you feel the need to say something make it positive or encouraging....otherwise you should keep your mouth shut.  OK....I am done venting now, but seriously....has anyone else experienced this?

So Ana Kate fell asleep on the way home....she was obviously over tired.  When she got up from her nap we talked about how she has to behave in the store and she told me she was sorry and she understood.  We picked up pizza for dinner and then made a trip to Walmart.  We found the cutest little backpack for Ana Kate.  I plan on embroidering her name on and maybe a butterfly or flower.  I'll have to take some pictures of it when I'm done.  She already loves it so much that she had to wear it in her pictures tonight.